Truly another Codemaster peice of c**p

User Rating: 3.5 | TOCA Race Driver (Platinum) PS2
Now then, when I say "hard" for difficulty it's only because the AI sucks. Lets talk about AI in Gran Turismo, it's just too predictable, always taking the same line and not aggressive. In Forza it is just about right, it takes different lines and is challenging. Now, in this game the AI will rear end you, door slam you, block (as in swerving back and forth all over the track) and just flat out run you off the track or into something. This is total B.S., NOT fun, and NOT realistic. When you race in career mode you only get the chance to save every 2 races, so I do well in the first race and then in the second race on the last lap the jack**s AI runs me into a guard rail going down the final straightaway only to have my wheel broken off and finish last. So now I must reset my PS2 and start all over. The last time I cussed this much was when I got my leg run over by a station wagon.(it was shattered) this game sucks so bad it ain't even funny. If you don't believe me and buy this I'll say a prayer for you right now. One more thing, if you like to use cheats(I usally don't) be prepared to pay for them, that's Codemasters way of scewing you for another five bucks. Codemasters can bite me, and I'll NEVER buy another game from these idiots again.