Drab and lame.

User Rating: 5.3 | TOCA Race Driver XBOX
I remember playing the TOCA games on PS1. They were pretty decent. Pretty much the first game to feature some decent car damage I think. What PRD does to evolve the concept is add an incredibly lame story and cutscenes. This is just ridiculous. Who gives a ****? I wanna race cars, not watch some awfully crappy soapopera. As it turns out they should've spent a lot more time on the actual racinggame instead of this pathetic garbage.

The cars handle arcady with no sense of weight or friction at all. Feels like driving Ridge Racer or something. I thought this was supposed to be a sim? The only thing it simulates somewhat well is the AI. While not extremely advanced it's better than in pretty much any other racinggame on consoles. This and the collision physics is what made me play this game for a few days. It's not fun to race, watch the story, tinker with the car, unlock new ones, play multiplayer etc. But to laugh manicaly while you fishtail the car in front of you is satisfying indeed.

Overall this is a pathetic attempt at a racinggame.