Some serious flaws.

User Rating: 6.7 | TOCA Race Driver XBOX
Well, what to say. There's quite a bit to like about this game, as pointed out by many other reviews. But I found some serious flaws not mentioned in most reviews. First of all, I found the AI and general performance of the other cars rather odd. The AI seemed inconsistently rubber-band-y. Sometimes the other cars would come out of nowhere and blow you away, even when you are driving well. Other times, you seem to catch up to them without problem. Also, the other drivers have no qualms about running into you, and when they do, you go spinning off the track (ruining that lead you finally won) while they go smoothly on. It seems like cheap, unfair play. Also, the control is way too sensitive. Driving the right line is damn hard. I'm used to realistic control -- Sega GT 2002 is my favorite racing game and the one I've spent the most time with, but I've also played some of the standards like PGR2, Burnout 2, etc. -- and never had any problem controlling my car compared to this game. Ultimately, these flaws were too serious for me to continue playing after the first few hours. Back to Sega GT 2002, I guess.