The best fishing game for the xbox by far.

User Rating: 7.8 | Pro Fishing Challenge XBOX
This is less arcade and more simulation then any fishing game I've played. The difference in boats is minimal, same with rods and reels. Once you have found your favorite lures and spots on each lake its routine tournament bass fishing. The difference in fish is noticeable during the fight and I mean in both size and species. The landing game can be tricky with larger fish and the snag game can be frustrating but true to fishing portion of the game. It made me wonder if they had created a backlash game that didn't make the cut. Unless you spend your weekends bass fishing this game probably isn't for you. As much as I wish everyone would love this game I can't honestly say that is so. The tournaments can get tough, even the first tournament made me sweat a couple of times, but thats what I want. Bass fishing is about the puzzle, finding the pattern thats going to turn on for today, or maybe just an hour. Once you have it figured out the fish are plentiful and then its time to hunt down the all the head shaking toads, lunkers, and hogs you can before the time runs out. And there is no pause during tournaments, and they are an hour long so try not to drink to much beer or your fishing time will be down the toilet.