Konami going back to formula on this game

User Rating: 8 | Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 PS3

Pro Evolution Soccer has a long history with great games through the years. The latest years it has been struggling with catching up to its competitor and has been losing quality while looking more towards the competitor instead of focusing on itself. This year they refined and overhauled the graphics a lot. Implementing the Fox engine to the game is a huge improvement compared to the previous games. The game also has gotten a facelift when it comes to the gameplay, making the AI better with movement and making runs and decisions without you having to make them for the players. It has been implemented before, but not this well before. The game also leans more to simulation compared to its competitor.

Gameplay wise this game is as good as ever. Even though the game is as good as ever, the game also suffers for the first time during the gameplay. It has some framerate issues that are very noticeable unfortunately sometimes during the gameplay and often when you shoot outside of the goal. This is something that can take something away from the experience. Overall though the game plays smooth when you play most of the time. The passes feel better than ever, and you don't feel that the AI is as limited as it has been before. The players can run after the ball and don't stop or run in ways you don't want to. There aren't many times in this game that you feel it is the AI's fault when you play it. It is mostly your own fault when you manage to pass to the wrong player or dribble too much.

The graphics has gotten a major overhaul, and it is the best the series has looked. The players also look better than ever. Not all of the players look realistic or good unfortunately. But the models still look pretty good. There are not many issues except for the framerate hiccups that happen from time to time. The players have realistic reactions during the game and you can clearly see the expression on their faces. This has been some of the problem in the earlier games, when it has suffered under the graphics it has.

The commentary can get very repatative and very boring in the long run, but the atmosphere around every stadium is so well captured. I would make the game a disservice not mentioning this. Also the sound of the pitch itself with the players is also captured very well, it's unfortunate that there is so little emphasis on the commentary after all these years.

There is great value in this game with lots of modes with great depth you can explore. You can play Master League online or offline and have a lot of depth and fun with these modes. You can also participate in cups, or leagues with national teams or just play online. If you want to make your own player and progress with sponsors and skills it is also possible. If you like football and you want to play different modes with it then this might be the game for you. There enough modes to keep anyone who plays it happy.

Gameplay - 9

Graphics - 9

Audio - 7

Value - 10

Tilt 9

Overall - 8.8