xbox360 adding songs to your playlist pes 2014

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Hey guys and gals, just wanted to leave this here incase some people had  problems with adding songs to your playlist. I think you can add up to 64 songs to the play list...this is what you have to do :

In your pendrive create a folder that says WEPES2014 , add all your songs inside and plug in your xbox360 when your done. Then when you start the game go to the option wheel on the bottom left side of  the menu screen. Go to sound , ( it will search for your songs wait a bit) and you should see at the bottom of the soundtrack list your folder name with all the songs in it. just check mark the ones you want to hear on the title screen and replay can adjust the volume with the (X) button.


If you want you can use those same songs in the edit mode for your created team. Hope i helped for those who needed it. Have fun

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I am still having problems importing my own audio into the game. I have made a folder called WEPES2014 on my USB. Then inside i have one mp3 file (27 seconds long) called WEPES2014 entrancemusic. Could you please help and tell me why i still cant see my tracks?