PES is back!

User Rating: 9.5 | Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 PS3
The return of some insane playability with finessed controls just cries out for you to play another game.
The shooting refinement is great,animations improved. The balance of skill creation on the pitch is excellent so much better than some football games where they allow you to play roulette after roulette making the games ridiculous and making the players look like theres something wrong with them.
The pace of the game as been taken down a notch and makes the game more realistic with build up play most of the time being most effective. This isn't for the 'run n gun' type of player. It will help having a footballing brain. Through each game i'm enjoying the experience of Konamis latest PES more and more. The refs seem to have also improved and there are added little nuances to the keepers with som fluid looking flicks and tip overs.

This is for real football fans !