Great gameplay, but the options that maked the diference are slowly been taken away and that is bad!

User Rating: 8 | Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 X360

The good part of PES 13 is the game play, its a great game!

+The game play is great if you are new to PES or if you play it all the time! there is not much to say about gameplay! You can go pass pass shoot! and the pass works great most of the times! And you can learn dribbling skills that makes the game more fun if know to do them well! The defence works well most of the times but a opposition can force the AI to cause a penalty and that should be corrected! Pes is always fun and i hope they dont forget that!

+Master League is always Solid, they should never change ML! you pick a team and you build and develop the players in it, you could use classic players and created players! and that is a lot of fun! You can pick your Master League team and play it against your friends! that gives you a goal to play ML even more!

+Player edit, edit team is still fun! options we want options! the bear and goat need some work!

+Amazing and rare moments that only PES gives us are still in it like the ball its the post 3 times its 3 players they all fall and the ball goes out! and yes that happens in real life

Bad part of PES 13 is they are taking off great things that make PES diferent than others soccer games! and are still missing a few things!

-Less classic players, and we want more we need more! most fans dont get to enjoy that in other soccer games! Play with Maradona, Gullit, Romario, etc where you want! but if you look deeper you will see that a lot of classics players are missing! For ppl who dont know in PES you can build a dream team or make/edit a classic Milan or Barcelona Instead of growing that list,they have shorten it, that is very sad! Eusebio(aka Elcherino) and lots of others are missing! Give us more classic players, biggest pool ever, it could be a payed DLC!

-Less options: Game speed helps but is not like in previous editions when you can go crazy! Comunity Menu is missing?!?

-Master League is still missing vs 2/3/4/etc players offline mode, in the same league, like NBA 2k has! Me and my friends want to play master league against each other(offline)! how amazing would that be?!

Some suggetions: Tour Mode was great, you picked up a team and do Challenges, like scoring a goal in the first half that was a great mode they should bring it back! Mix teams mode you picked 5 teams and they do a dream team for you should make a return it was very fun! Better updates for the teams that exist same players after the last update are missing!

I dont really play become a legend or boss mode sorry if i missed that!

PES 13 is a great game despite lacking some options that other PES gave us!