If you like football, get this game.

User Rating: 8 | Winning Eleven 3DSoccer 3DS
Walking by a videogame store I noticed this game at around 20 bucks... as I'm lacking 3DS games I bought it. I won't lie, at first I was disappointed by the lack of content compared not only with this gen PES games, but compared withe some of the ps2 era.

Without much to see, I ventured to the master league, and the game just caught me, as a veteran PES player, the difficulty was challenging at first, by default you get a "be a legend" camera style which really pops the 3d out. The stadiums look incredible.

After a couple matches I changed the camera to broadcast and things got better, awesome matches, thrills and even defeats that left me satisfied. this game is great, I just hope Konami develops a better experience. As it is, I believe this is by far the best handheld soccer game.

The games includes a streetpass team, althought I still havent crossed with a player to see how it works and feels.

Graphics - 8 The 3d in stadiums is awesome, character models not so much, not too much detail and generally ugly.

Audio -9 The sound is great, the surround works nicely, commenters are in sync with your game and the crowd sounds awesome when you are at your home stadium.

Replay Value -8 The Master league itself is a warranty to keep coming back and play the game till the system runs out of battery.

Playability - 9 Once I fixed the camera, the game worked great, I gave it a 9 because the passes sometimes seem unresponsive to which player you are sending the ball to.

Nit pick - Loading times are long, the menus and options are limited, and I havent found an auto save feature. Theres not possibility to save goals as in other iterations.