Konami will do better by remaking old classics which actually is fun to play.

User Rating: 1 | Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 PC
I have been playing Winning Eleven/PES series of football games since Pro Evolution/Winning Eleven 4 on the Playstation.

In my opinion, this series reached its peak at Winning Eleven 7 on the PS2, after which the gameplay gets from bad to worse. The question is, are graphics really important over gameplay in a football game? Answer is no. The game now just isn't fun, it is not what makes PES being regarded as the best football game by real football fans.

If Konami remakes Winning Eleven 7 with the current graphics, I dare say they might bring back the tons of fans who loved this series. After dusting off my almost forgotten PS2 and playing a game of Winning Eleven 7, I can say I've had more fun in the 10 mins of the old game than the hours I've spent trying to get into the newer series.

Konami, bring back the gameplay we love, and you will bring back all the people who love this game.