Finally back on track

User Rating: 8.5 | Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 X360
This game finally has gotten back on track after years of almost same gameplay stuck in the game. This game finally brings an entire new gamestyle and makes it fun to play the game.The new master league modes makes a comeback with new features like player of the year, and player of Champions League for those that like that. There is also a new coach systems wich makes the team play more the style you want. Athletic trainer, Coach, Doctor and Scout. The new budget system also makes it more interesting when you buy players or sell players. It also gives you a greater motivation to win championships. The players growth is realistic, which can motivate the player to buy younger players. Become a Legend is also back, with you playing one player. The goal is becoming the best player in the world. It can be a great way to try something new besides the regular master league mode. The online servers are a bit glitchy and could have been done better. They should fix this for the next game. Also there are some minor faults with how the pc move the players off-ball.
This game brings back the solid gameplay that has been missing for the fans of this series and deserves a recognition for what they have achieved with this game. This is a great addition to the series