Its been a tough few years for konami , And its time for a fight back , it starts here ! , its been a long time.

User Rating: 9 | Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 PS3
One of the greatest football series went into dark days after the release of PES 2008.
Its decade reign was over, and the competition had managed to make its product a next gen title.
While konami were left trying to figure out what went wrong. After 2009 and 2010 versions of the game ,
i personally did not feel that the series had become a next gen title. While its competitor got better and better.
Its now to an extent where PES is no longer number one. Even worse it failed to implement new aspects into these former titles
such as 360 degrees movment and passing. It evidently had lost its freedom which it once had on the PS2.
And unfortunatly PES 2009, 2010 dropped into the robotic category of arcade style football.

PES 2011

for me last year was disapointing, where PES2010 had next gen visuals and grahpics , but again the gameplay lacked so much that
it just did not feel next gen.
So konami now had to really hit nails on some of the most key aspects of the game which were letting it down.
I have now sectioned this review by elements which needed either improving or needed to be implemented.

-response times
-360 degree

So after many games on PES 2011 .Heres what has happend.


the clunky animations of pes 2010 , really made the game look outdated and robotic. The player movment was awful and it seemed
as if it was 12 directions of movment, while the competion looked real life , and free movment.

-This year i was releived to discover that konami had ripped out the old animations and replaced them. I can now safely say that the
animtions have improved greatly , the clunky feel and roboticness has gone . The players now move more realsitically, and its looks
so much more better. No longer do i feel that my player is restriced to moving into certain 12 directions.
However they are not perfect. I still feel that they are behind the competition in animations. The animations need to increase, and
certain movments such as celebrations , and crossing are areas where improvment can be made. However some of the games shooting
animations look better , and tackling animations have greatly improved. But again they lack behind the competitor this year.
And i feel this is definetly an area which needs increase attention. Of course this year they are more realistic and satisfying.
However when we see what EA have done , it really is a shout to konami to increase them.


-The game has lacked being fluid since PES 6 , and from videos when i first saw it , it did not look much better , however once i played
the game , the animations and passing system really showed that the game had improved its fluid movment. The rigid play and player movment
had finaly left the game. The game now feels more fluid , which is great to see after 4 years of a clunky feel to the game. The rigidness has
decreased , but it still needs improving. I do not think PES is as fluid as the competition. But it has improved greatly from
last year , and makes the game even more enjoyable.
However when konami implement new animations in the future , this will be improved aswell. But in terms of overall enjoyemnt , the
fluid movment this year makes the game much more enjoyable and realsitic.


- theres one are where i think the game has advanced and improved. ITs defiently freedom. Anyone who played Pes 2010 and before
will feel this straight away. The game itself advertises freedom and is the core element of this years gameplay. The freedom has so
much depth, that i am able to play the way i want to . Not the way the CPU wants to me to play like on previous versions.
I can now place the ball anywhere i want thanks to its great new passing system. By pressing L2 and X i am able to place th ball
anywhere on the pitch i want by measuring the power. I am no longer restricted or prevented from playing the way i want. This is a huge step i feel in the
games development. And i perosnally feel it has taken over the competition in this part. By playing both games, i conclude that
PES has much better freedom of play.
The passing system is much to thank. The passing system is now measured by how much power you give the ball , i feel in complete
control when passing and playing around the field. The animations and freedom contribute greatly . And scoring from some
great passing movments has never felt so satisfying on any game of football.
The passing system now allows me to use X as a through ball, rather than triangle. Overall this a core element of the game that stands
out as some of the best seen on any football game.The passing system itself is very well balanced , the learning curve is vital for
full enjoyment of this years PES.the more you practice the better you get. The freedom element and the passing system , have saved
the series , and have now given PES a clear advantage. I remember many people i know enjoying the passing movment, more than they
have on the competitions game.I have played a lot of FIFA 11 , and i must admit that i went back to PES , and felt much much more
in control of the player and passing. This is something which i last year hated about pes2010 comapred to FIFA. And this year im more than
happy to say that they finally have nailed it , and i personaly feel its has exceeded EA this year. well done to konami.


there have been many concerns over the AI on previous verions, however this is to do with the referees and GKS.
This years game while improved still has some of these problems , but on a much smaller scale than last year , which broke the game.
It was annoying when the GK would punch the ball when not needed to , for the opposition to score a cheap goal.
This year i personally have not seen this happen to such a degree . The GKS can be improved to a better extent , but its not enough to
break the game this year. In fact new animations make the GKS look better. But again there those small niggles that the GK can
be very good ... or very poor, regardless of stats.
The referees have not caused me any problems. Some have said that they have caused some issues. But i can safely say that i personally
have not witnessed any referee mistakes, however this does not mean they are not there .I have played many games , and compared to last years abyssmal referring. This year
is better. But they can improve the refs decisions on the advantage rule which needs improving.

The defense AI is brilliant in my opinion , it is relaisitc and disciplined. Last years awful defense AI has been abolioshed.
The defense now stays as a unit and works with more discipline.
The new defense system can also be applied, and it when it is successfully pulled off . It is satisfying to watch and play.

these caused alot of problems last year. The online had this atrocious button lag , where one would find themselves pressing pass before the ball
reached the player. In offline response times could of literally ruined the game. It was a gamebreaker in my opinion.
However they have fixed this.
They have finally made the game fluid and responisve.This can also down to the good animations that the game has this year.

360 degrees dribbling -
This was no way present on konamis last effort. This year im glad to say its there. However it feels better on some of the better players.
For example when playin with Ribery , or Messi its much more evident. However the players with lower stats will be slower. I have no
problem with this , as i dont expect all players to be able to do it. But its not to the same level as the competition [FIFA].
But the point it is there. I can pass the ball into any direction i like , and the player can move in all directions. Im no longer
feeling robotic.

Liscenses -
the biggest gripe that fans have had were the liscences. Back when PES was the top game , this was not seen as much of an issue because of the
edit mode. However as EA has rights to leagues such as EPL and bundesliga , not all teams can be liscened. This is no blame on konamis behalf.
However we are privelged to have a great editing mode , and option files which are downloadable and can be installed using the PS3
save data . Last year i had PES 2010 with all liscences EPL complete. Shirts everything. So i have no problems with liscneces at all.
And i beleive many people have become ignorant in this section, and have criticised the game becasue of it. I do think this is a poor
execuse, option files have sorted out liscneces in my opinion.
New liscences are the copa libertodorres , the south american league. Spurs and bayern muncich and weder bremen. Amongst a host of other
teams . But PES champions league liscense doesant disapoint.


after playing FIFA 11 , i must admit that even though PES has stepped up from last years non-existant physcial system, it still lacks behind
EA. But again i feel that EAs game has become more of a pressure fest . But PES really needs to implement much more physciality for next year
.However this year, they have implemented it, and loos much better and more realistic. Again it needs to be improved.
The ball physics are the most hardest section between the two franchises. EA and Konami i believe should be praised in this area. The ball physcis
i feel are fantasitc. I really enjoy the freedom i have on PES in order to pass and measure the ball.speed and disatance. But again Konami
must improve the animations, when the ball hits the player full on ,or when the player attempts to block a shot.


The most important this year is time. PES needs to be given time. You cant just simply play 4 games . It needs to be atleast 15.
And you will begin to get use to the gameplay . And then everything begins to feel soo much more satisfying. Goals feel great , passing
movment. It all comes down to how much time you give the game. I personally do not feel that some reviewrs and "proffessional critics"
gave the game enough time. Its core to the game. The more you practice the better you get. This is where PES shines , it is realsitic
and begins to represent the beutiful game.

Im going to be very honest. I have been very paitient with PES for the last few years. I took to FIFA last year , and understood
immediatly that PES was behing EA by a considerable amount. PES has played catch up for the last few years. But i do not beleive.
That it has caught up with the competion completly.
But i can say now that the game has improved to such a considerable amount that it has actually betterd certain elements that FIFA has.
The passing system , and freedom is one of the core reasons why. The passing system as i said is very well balanced. And even though
FIFA has the option of manual passing , it doesant seem to feel or look as good as it does on PES. And if you play against a freind or
online most will resort to automatic passing.
It has been said that FIFA is now the game where you can pick up and play. I do agree. With PES you will need to give it much more time.
You can this year pick and play PES , but it will take getting use to the passing system.

But there is one thing in fact that has kept me with PES and has kept the game alive. That is its indiviuality. This was one of the
main reasons that i could not settle with FIFA , and why PES i personally found to be a more fun game. PES indiviuality meant
that each player would be bound by stats, and each would be very different to each other, feel differetn , and play different.
THis is the core reason i would go to the formation screen and fear weather my best players were fit or not. Me and a freind last
year fount the issue with FIFA being that most teams felt the same, and it was quick to bore us. FIFAS personality plus simply
does not compare.
PES player individuality this year is not lost. In fact it feels better . I feel in charge and capeble of doing anything when
i play with ronaldo , or messi. You just have that feeling that you are the player, this is the core aspect that has kept PES alive.

I do not think the PES is completly there yet. It needs improvments, and this year its main changes where to bring back some fanbase that
left to FIFA. I for one was one , and im glad to say its good to be back.
I have not felt like this since PES 6. It has taken Konami 3 years to get back on track.The more i play PES2011 the more i despise
pes 08,09,10 . It really shows.

Both games this year are great , EA are now at a point where they can tweak their game , while Konami need to make big changes.
But the competition has come close. The passing system and freedom has done well for PES this year.

My honest adivce is to play PES with more time. Rent or buy it , the game needs TIME. For FIFA fans aswell its worth playing .
I personally am very impressed with the overall feel of the game this year. And as a stand alone game.
But i honesltly beleive without question EVERY football fan [gaming] MUST TRY OUT BOTH. it is a must this year , becasue it is very
rare that we get two very good footie games.

THE big three critics this year have given the game as follows .

IGN 9/10

of course theres more which vary , but overall for me.. PES IS BACK.