Worst football simulator ever. I just smashed its cd, because it is not worth a place in my game collection.

User Rating: 1 | Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 X360
This game is abysmal to say the least. Apart from nice graphics, there is absolutely nothing to like. The movements of players are clumsy and absolutely ridiculous. About 50 percent of the time when the ball just passes to the player you wont be able to intercept it no matter how hard ou press the button on the gamepad. The defence is static, lobbing the ball is random, penalties ar nearly impossible. There are tons of episodes when you score an own goal or let the striker score, because the damn keeper cant catch a simple ball...And the online is tragic as well, you can beat a higher ranked player easily and lose to a low ranking player in no time. Why?Because there really isnt any skill involved, just pure luck. Fifa beats PES by miles, and i will never buy another Konami sports game, JApan isnt famous for good athletes apart from the martial arts. Stay away from PES!
Pros: Graphics
Cons: Everything else

Dont buy it or even try it, NOT recommended. Stick to Metal Gear Konami.