PES 2011 is the football game to play if you enjoy the multiplayer competition. Read my review for more details!

User Rating: 9 | Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 X360
There aren't a lot of features to criticize or explain in this game because it is a standard annually produced game of football like many others, especially FIFA. However, unlike the other games, PES has a unique and distinguished advantage over its peers because of its entertaining and light multiplayer features.

In addition, the game has an interesting variety of tricks and skills and a challenging, yet entertaining, game mechanic that gives you complete control of every single aspect of the players' movements.

Simply put, quick and light menus and a well-designed database of the world's most successful game make this an absolute delight to play and enjoy with your friends and/or family.

On the other hand, I believe its only noteworthy criticism is the unavailability of game simulations in any tournament modes, except the Become a Legend Mode, which force the player to go through every single game to continue. This is a very frustrating aspect and may be a turn-off for some gamers.

All in all, PES 2011 is a great multiplayer game with a more than decent single-player features. It's basically one of your standard must-buy-with-the-Xbox kind of game. DON'T MISS IT :)