I'm playing a game in the series every ten years and the same flaws (or design decisions) keep popping up.

User Rating: 8 | Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 PC
It seems to have the same kind of running on rails passing system which was the reason I never learned to love the earlier version of the series. Thankfully it's not quite as dominant this time around. It irritates when my player must rush after the ball when it's going over the lines and make a desperation touch to the ball - even if our team would have been receiving a corner or a throw-in. Some of the player animations can be interrupted so that another animation can begin before the last one is finished. Which is a good thing.

And it feels nice that you can be a different type of players in Become A Legend -mode. I for one played as a striker who passes time behind the defensive line just barely out of offside position waiting for the through ball (Filippo Inzaghi -style). Which is totally different comparing to those flashy videos you can see on YouTube.

The BAL -mode could've been deeper. Now you just play your matches -or skip them- and during the next transfer window you move to another club or not. I usually did because the team I got out of always used completely different tactics than the team that hired me in the first place. I guess that's what success, money and a bolstered roster does to you.

This game is much more fun than the last version of the series I played. But I don't find it quite as fun as I do those graphically more minimalistic soccer games.