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User Rating: 9 | Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 PS3
This is an amazing game. Anyone who knows anything about football knows that this is the game to beat every year, NOT the other way around. The person that enjoys FIFA for its graphics, presentation and gameplay knows NOTHING about the sport. They are enjoying a fun video game, but are not playing football. They might as well be playing a racing or fighting game.

Some REALLY glaring issues about this game prevent a higher score (Ref and keeper AI is truly broken). The game has become more realistic, which means that you have to relearn simple things like ball control and passing. Once this is done, you are treated to some truly blissful football action. Gone are the days of running down the pitch with a single overrated player. The problem is the casual football gamer needs this, otherwise they become bored. Luckily for them there is FIFA, which is not meant to be a dig in any way. FIFA serves it's purpose for people who don't understand the beautiful game, and just want to do some tricks with Ronaldo and score 30 yards goals. Fun, but then again so is Gears of War. So go play that.

PES is above all else genius, and it still feels like football more than anything else on the market.