PES 2010 offers many features compared to FIFA

User Rating: 9 | Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 PS3
Fans of PES will no doubt agree with me here, but personally it is well better than Fifa. With the great online modes, and awesome Champions League modes, this game has plenty to offer.

When I first bought this game it looked so amazing right from the moment I took it off the shelve in the store. And it is. The realism of the players standing in the dugout, and that great feeling of a real match when they walk themselves onto the pitch just makes it feel that extra bit better than Fifa. As you well know, Fifa is a rival of PES. Or if you put that the other way around PES is the rival of Fifa. Somehow I think PES still wins it, because it just leaps that extra mile of realism and features.

One thing that Konami can certainly improve on is the option to turn the radar on and off. When playing football games, I hate the radar and name bar's and so turn them off. In this you can turn off the name bar's, but not the radar which in a certain way was disappointing.

All in all though, this game makes for a realistic and well created football game, ad hopefully in the 2011, the radar option will provide you with the option to turn it off - fingers crossed.