They've taken all the good bits from the Pro Evo series and... well, left them out!

User Rating: 5.5 | Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 X360
Oh dear Konami, oh dear indeed. I've been a fan of Pro Evo (aka I.S.S) since the N64. I've always gone for Pro Evo over Fifa.

So when Pro Evo was finally coming out for the 360 I was like "Wow, finally a next gen Pro Evo. How good will this finally be!?".

Using the term "Total ***king letdown" would be an understatement. They have truly butchered it. GONE! are the flowing and fluid movements of the players. Sometimes players seem to just stop when running towards the opposition (wierd and annoying). Sometimes it seems a struggle to handle a player.

I think to hit the nail on the head. You are never in total control of the team. You never seem to be "The Twelve Man" (Nod to Fifa there).

Sometimes the old Pro Evo comes through when some passes come together fluidly and your player just doesn't decide to stand still for some unkown reason.

If this game was Pro Evo 2005 or 06 then I wouldn't have moaned so much but i've never seen a game go so far backwards.

I haven't even mentioned how last gen' the graphics still seem. They would like right at home on the original Xbox but on the 360!!?? Just look at Fifa 08 and you get to see exactly what the 360 is capable of.

Which brings me onto my final point. I hate to say it (sorry Konami but it's your own doing). This year, for me, Fifa wins without question due to Konamis own goal.