The original was groundbreaking in every way. Is this SNES-version equally as good? Find out!

User Rating: 9.1 | Prince of Persia SNES
The original Prince of Persia that came out on the PC was groundbreaking in every way. But is this SNES-version just as good or even better? Read on!

The SNES-version of Prince of Persia begins exactly the same as the original. I assume you’ve played it so you know what I’m talking about. The first thing you notice is that the first level is a bit different and longer, which is very cool since I didn’t want to play the original version with the graphics being the only difference.

The biggest difference in fact is that the game is almost twice as long as the original. It has 20 levels instead of 12 and the time limit is 120 minutes. But does that make this title worth buying? The answer would be yes. I think the game has a high value. I have played the game about 10 times and I still like it.

The graphics in the game are good enough. Way better then the PC-version (duh!), but still good for a SNES game. The sound caries the same story, better than the PC and good enough for the SNES.

Overall is Prince of Persia for the SNES a good game and if you liked the PC-version then this is definitely something you’ll like. I sure did!