This is THE game, Prince Of Persia is one of the first games with a good storyline, and gameplay, right? Great Game! !

User Rating: 8.8 | Prince of Persia PC
As I said, This is one of the better games I had ever played in my childhood. I remember this game being simple, and for being simple, it was great.
I'm pretty sure this game is the 2nd game I've played in my whole life, my first was this chess game... BATTLE CHESS!!! Yes, I remembered!!

Well, going back in the Review, let me focus first on:

Game Plot/Story: This game is about a princess that is kidnapped(I think, I didn't understand english at that moment), and is going to be killed in a period of time, that is your time left to pass all the levels. This time is about 2 hours I think, I remember that you checked this with the spacebar. I think this is one of the first games with a good story.

Talking about Gameplay, they did think for this. It was so simple to handle the little chap with the white tunic, that even a kid of 3 years old(like me at that time) could handle the game, and have chances to finish it.
With Shift you stab the others people after you get your sword in Level 1 or stands hanging from the tip of the floor when jumping from plattform to another. With Enter, you drink the potions(Watch out! some are tricks, and they are poison really), with the arrows you move(Doh!!), and with control you Jump.

Now, the Graphics, are great for what it was. You can difference the things at least, heh.. The sounds are great too, whenever there is going to happen something important, some arabic intro music sounds in your speakers.

The Value.... well not a great one. It's a game that you don't get new things by finishing it 2 or 100 times.

In my opinion, a very good game. Nothing more to say about it.
WHAT!? You dont know this game?!?! ...
Go away, play your advanced Halo thing.
Thanks for enjoying my readers!