an excellent conversion of a classic

User Rating: 9.8 | Prince of Persia GB
This game is brilliant you have 60 minutes (real time) to save your princes.

The classic game in the palm of your hands that you can bring anywhere without booting up your laptop.

It works very well on the GB with codes being given to you after you finish each level only problem is on the move maybe you don't always have a pen with you but if your clever enough to bag this game then i presume you will have already covered this angle.

I gave this game a hard level as the first time you play this you will not finish it.

As it takes so long to explore each level and work out where to go what to avoid and what to jump over your time ticks away leaving you with precious little time to finish the game but after finishing a level once you can also put in the first code and get a better time the second time around.

This is still one of the classics and should be played.

What you waiting for go out and get it :)