Jordan Mechner's Prince of Persia from 1989 represents a milestone in video-game history.

User Rating: 7.5 | Prince of Persia NES
This is a PC port from 1989.
A milestone that was refined in the SNES version.The NES version has 14 levels, the SNES one has 20 & other upgrades but since this one is the original it takes the cake.Prince of Persia was inspired after Indiana Jones & god knows what other movies or stuff & it also inspired(Prince of Persia), opened the doors for games like Tomb Raider or Alladin.
You play the role of Prince of Persia that was imprisoned in the dungeon of Jaffars Castle while he kidnapped the Princess.You have to fight your way through 14 levels of death trap puzzles in 60 minutes to the upper castle to ultimately fight Jaffar in a saber duel & save the princess...not Peach or Zelda, lol.This would have been the only thing missing:"Thank you but our princess is in another castle!":)
1989, the year i was born & the year when Sega Genesis was released & when Tetris came pack-in with the Game Boy.Prince of Persia is ahead of it's time,it probably has the most advanced graphics on the console in my opinion & the music great!This game is better & more immersive than the original Metroid for example.The most memorable moment of the game is when you jump through a mirror & your alter-ego comes to life & foils your further plans.
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