A classic game that should be well-known among old gamers, and not without a reason.

User Rating: 10 | Prince of Persia PC
Prince of Persia is an awesome game--unofficial mods, such as level editors and maps seem to prove this. The story is simple: you are thrown into the dungeons by your rival Jaffar, probably in hopes to die. The game is about to go through all the levels for one simple goal: to save the princess from him. The levels got Jaffar's guards, traps, 'doors', those kind of things that block your way to your goal. You need to move safely, climb and jump as well, which requires good timing and precise control. Also, you need to block with your sword when needed (otherwise you'll get a hit), and attack when you can. (It means, that back in the old times, games required skills, nothing more.) And thus the challenge which risks your life. The Prince's dangerous fate is in your hands...can you handle it?