One of the games you grow up playing.

User Rating: 9 | Prince of Persia PC
The story of this game is very simple : to save the Princess from the evil Jafar.
The location is of course Persia,in a palace where the Jafar has taken the Priness & its the Princes's job to save her.
This is the game which properly introduces you to the game play to avoiding traps & combat at the same time.
The puzzles are pretty simple and you can solve them easily at times.It's the simplicity of the game which would attract you mostly,then the game play.
Obviously this being an age-old game you won't have problems running the game : It would run on any computer known to man unless your one is seriously screwed up !
You simply HAVE to play this game in order to introduce yourself to the next Prince Of Perisa games,which you'll find a more developed and bettered version of this simple,enjoyable and immersive game