This game is one of the classics. Great Graphics, awesome story and a cool character. Definatly a must play game.

User Rating: 9 | Prince of Persia PC
I remember playing Prince of Persia when it first came out and being amazed by how fluid it all seemed, the character wasnt blocky and when he moved he looked like a person. Granted his two colours (skin and white) where pretty basic but I think this in itself is just one of the many things that make this game so cool.

The prince fights using the number pad and while basic the swordplay was very fun and later on when your on the last lvls they can be very challanging.

All round this game is A+ from story to music, to gameplay and it stands for me as one of the greatest of all time that I think helped set a standard for game quality for developers and in a lot of ways was way ahead of its time in many ways.

While easy to master and without much time needed to learn to control the prince even after hours and hours of play you will still find yourself learning new ways to fight and complete the levels in the quickest possible time.