it was the fist pc game I played in my life... just amazing

User Rating: 9 | Prince of Persia PC
Well, maybe it is a bit late, but even so, it is better than never, to review this game.... Like i said, it was the first game i pplayed on a pc in my life. I remember it was a 386dx, at 8 MHz, with 1024Kb of memory & 16 colour display... many years ago (in a far galaxy, perhaps) :)
I think this game was amazing then, I think the same today. for a game that must be passed in an hour, it had excellent amazing gameplay & a noble purpuse: to resque the princes from evil Jafar... I guess, for many modern young gamers Price of Percia would be a great deal, but it was for whole generation of people who will never forget this game & hours and hours palying it.
Behind the "simplicity" there are a lot of thengs that impulsed creation "Prince of Persia" like games... this one became a reference for wole generation of games.
There is not much to say about graphics.... it is difficult to aknolege 2d graphics, after all games played, but it deserves its reconition, besides, you must remember: it was 1986... & few Kb of RAM...
the controls: easiest possible: 4 keys only... but very comfortable

This game is a masterpiece, that deserves one of the best mentions, among many other games, due to its originality, amazing gameplay &... fantastic time, we spent palying it...