gloomy setting, dark but good graphics, enemies are annoying, powers are helpful, free form fighting system is fun .....

User Rating: 7.4 | Prince of Persia: Warrior Within PS2
The good things about this game is that the graphics are smooth and great.
The boss battles are fun and challenging. And thats about it. The settings are dark and it is imppossible to find little ledges at times unless you luckily jump on it. This is due to the dark atmosphere. The enemies make some of the most annoying sounds in the world they say stuff like a! a! a! a! ooy! every time their hit. The traps are repetitive and boring. The dhaka chases get old easily. The swords on the covers are just to pull you into the otherwise dull game. This is nothing like he first POP. This game gets boring half -way and therefore has absolutely no replay value. I will most likely sell it! And I never sell my games.