Why is this game so boring!?

User Rating: 5 | Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time PC
I honestly don't get it. People everywhere praise the game as one of the best ever, whereas I personally am struggling to keep myself awake while playing it. Or rage-quitting from frustration.

Graphically, it still looks all right by today's standards with good looking lightning effects, though the rest of the game has aged a lot. For a 2003 game though, it's very impressive.

Sound quality isn't nearly as impressive though. Voice acting is mostly fine, but sometimes aggravatingly annoying, and certain sound effects are repeated so many times I feel like turning the sound off.

Gameplay-wise, it's so-so. The platforming puzzles are mostly fine, and so is the combat... but it gets boring. very quickly. Maybe it's the fact that the whole game seems to take place in a single building, or that the only thing you can really do is jump, wall-run, shimmy along ledges and swing on poles. By contrast, Tomb Raider stands out a lot more with it's clever puzzles and varied environments, as well as increased number of moves to pull off.
While PoP isn't nearly as frustrating as the Tomb Raider series thanks to its time rewind mechanic, the platforming and puzzles isn't anywhere near as interesting.
Perhaps what annoys me the most here is that you have so little control of the camera, which constantly shifts to it's own static position where you will have to rethink your key mapping all the time due to left being forward and so on in according to the camera position rather than that of your character.
And seriously, why can't platformers like this one allow the player to move the camera where he wants to! I don't need you set the camera for me!
Movement also feels very sluggish, as is the turning speed of the camera. On top of that, the game insist on zooming in on your character in a little cinematic every time you put away your swords after defeating a foe or drinking water to restore your health, or picking up sand from the floor, or killing a sand monster. After seeing that cinematic for the 511th time, you start to get really fed up with it (actually the second time was enough).

The combat itself is repetitive as hell, you can attack, block and roll/jump and that's it. Oh, okay you can also slow down a foe for a while if you feel like it, whoopdee-frecking-doo. And every time you kill a monster you have to press e to finish them off, which in case of fighting several opponents at once means you will miss and attack them with the dagger instead, yay! On top of that, enemies are too hard to kill, nearly always block your attacks (meaning you have to jump over them or wall-run to attack them instead), and spawn repeatedly for way too long. There is no way to replenish life in combat either, and when trying to use the dagger to time warp , thus avoiding taking damage in the first place, you will have 2-sec delay where you get hit anyway as you cannot control your character, making the feature useless here.

So, in conclusion, this is a wildly over-hyped game that I cannot for the life of me see why it garnered all this praise from critics and gamers alike. I hope that the next PoP's will be better, but honestly doubt it.

Or maybe I just don't get "good" games and suck at playing them?