Ubisoft created a Masterpiece.

User Rating: 10 | Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time XBOX
I tell you Ubisoft must of sat down and thought about this one and Couldn't have brought it at a better time. What do I mean by "a better time" is that most classics that get remade these days SUCK and this game is so original that it blows many games out of the water. When I picked up this game it was a simple, adrenaline rushing, great looking Masterpiece. It would come as no surprise that this game reminded me of ICO, a game that inspired me. This game is simple platforming mixed with marvelous puzzles, and if you haven't played this game go out and buy it for $20. What a Spectacular game, pity to the people who have not noticed this Game. Also this game took me 9 hours to beat 1st time.