[8.0/10] Easy, Simple and Fun that is not a true remake or a sequel to the game but it can provide some good moments.

User Rating: 8 | Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands X360
The Forgotten Sands is the first Prince of Persia Game in a While That I Had Fun playing It. The Game Have Couple of Minor Issues and A lot of Good Stuffs Too !!!
As I said the Platforming is Really Really Fun unrealistic though for Human possibilities But We Talking about Sands that Controlling the Time so do The Math !!

- The Details -

* Visuals - 85/100
The Graphics are Beautiful The Level Design is Fantastic And The Game itself is Well Created ! Although i Didn't Liked The New Prince's Look But The Monsters and The Bosses making The Game Looking Good !!!

* Gameplay - 80/100
Platforming Is very Fun but The Combat is Kinda Awkward and By Awkward i Mean Really Easy i Mean Dont get Me Wrong i Had Fun Playing The Game but After Getting The Second Sword in The Game The Combat Becomes Way To Easy and The Platforming by The End of The Game Becomes Really Really Hard !!

* Sounds - 75/100
The Sound Effects and Environment sounds are Great but i didn't Liked The Voice Acting although The Lips movement was Great for a change !!

* Story - 65/100
this Game have Probably the Weakest Story in Prince of Persia Series not bad as The PSP Version of This Game but Still i Didn't Loved the New Story it Was More like an excuse to Make another POP Game

well i had a great Fun Playing This Game and Enjoying a POP Game for a Change so ...

I Give this game an Excellent 8/10