Rival Swords is a batter game than the previous PSP Prince of Persia instalmant , but is it enough ?

User Rating: 8.8 | Prince of Persia Rival Swords PSP
A year ago fans of the jumping prince where upset by the often considered semi-failure Prince of Persia : Revelations, the port of Warrior Within for the PSP . In September a port of The Two Thrones was announced, Rival Swords . Gamers were mostly pleased, because everyone was certain that the bugs and glitches, that made the previous game renamed will be erased , but are they really gone ? The story is exactly the same, no in-game bonuses this time, which i good . The prince returns to Babylon, whit Kailina , but instead of being welcomed, there ship is destroyed, and later on Kailina is killed releasing the sand of time, and infecting the prince once again . This would be the overall story, which is probably known by fans already . The gameplay is the same, you run, kill, jump, hang, and all other nasty tricks, including speed kill sequences, but whats really important, is the fact that all of these works fine on the PSP . Of course, the PS2 control scheme still remains the best, but luckily most of the camera issues that PSP games have are absent here, so gamers can enjoy it . Graphically the game stands somewhere in the middle . I cant stop thinking that Revelations looked batter . Its true that there are less glitches , and the loading times dropped a lot, but after seeing games like Metal Gear Solid Portable Operations on the PSP , you still have the feeling that it could have been batter . There are still many places that will wow you, but not even far as many as could been . Except the bosses, characters look pretty bland to . The sound had the most evolution . There are far less glitches during the soundtrack , and the voice / movie coordination is also batter ( as the overall quality ) . You will still hear some problems here and there, but way less than in the previous game . The game is long, keeping you around ten hours in your seat, and the added racing tracks, and multiplayer will take some more time to it . Of course, that it doesn't has gamesharing, but its fun, if one of your friends has a copy . Overall I was expecting a batter game , but I didn't get it , but still after playing it a bit I realized that its technically a superior game to Revelations . Maybe Pipeworks will do a batter job with Sands of Time , and than we will see a prefect port . But until that try out this version to . It worths its money .