Many of the concepts behind the game are solid, but it's plagued with terrible controls and the occasional stupid idea.

User Rating: 6.5 | Prince of Persia: Rival Swords WII
The gameplay ideas are good. The Prince can run across walls, traverse ledges and swing between rods. He can use a number of different secondary weapons and sneak up behind enemies for a quick and stealthy kill sequence. The problem is that in trying to do so the Prince also looks like he's drunk. Frequently the controller will omit moves, or do the complete opposite of what you're telling it to do, and sometimes even do things you didn't tell it to do at all. It makes many traveling puzzles more difficult than they really are. All of this while the Wii remote still has four bars of charge and no possible interference from overdone home lighting.

When pushing A at critical moments to jump from a ledge, the Prince will instead decide that hanging from said ledge is a better idea. When trying to run across a wall to reach a platform on the other side of a ravine, the Prince will instead practice running straight up the wall, sometimes backflipping just far enough to fall away from the platform you were previously standing on. My personal favorite is holding the joystick right only to have him move left, and this is with the camera behind his back.

The camera is another thing. It frequently moves to the most obscure location when you're trying to maneuver, and it always circles the player when he tries to push an object, causing the movement to stutter and take twice as long just because you have to readjust the camera. Really, they didn't need to include all the spikebeds and blade traps because the Prince does a good enough job of killing himself already.

Down to stupid ideas, the idea that the corrupted Prince drains of health as time passes by. You're supposed to be a big bad monster with charred skin and glowing eyes with a razor chain that tears enemies limb from limb... oh, but you die from just idling. See how that can be used as a punchline? Developers, don't do this again.

Last but not least is the battle with the Vizier, one of the cheapest bosses ever. Every hit connects, even if you roll out of his way, and maybe one of every twenty combos you use against him does any good. If you somehow manage to his second phase, well... you've probably gotten as far as you're going to go.

Suddenly rocks swirl around the battlefield, and if they collide with you, you lose a good portion of your health. Well, make that "when." You can't avoid them unless you stay in the center. You can be a couple feet clear of them and the crappy hitbox detection will pummel you. If you do manage to initiate a speed kill sequence against him, well, it's not going to work. Even if you have the timing of the attack down to a science, the Vizier counters it by simply canceling your move (with no transitional animation) and removing your rewind timer so that you can't try the exact move again. Maybe I just got a bad copy, but the Vizier battle seems almost entirely one-sided, even after having a friend over to take a crack at it.

Overall it's a fun game, until you run into any of the trickier moments, and then getting through it becomes a chore that you feel you have to do since you shelled out the cash for the game. You can blame the illegitimate difficulty for me putting it back on my shelf to be untouched for another year and a half.