Good, but not the greatest. It's still all around fun although the price is ludacris

User Rating: 8.5 | Prince of Persia: Rival Swords WII
I hadn't played the other Prince of Persia games until I got this one. And I can say that it isn't that bad. The controls are responsive and easy to get used to. The camera manipulation isn't a problem and stealth killing random guards was still amusing. Fight sequences do become a bit repetitive but it later opens up into a variety of different combos you can do depending on your situation. There's lots of different things you can do whether the normal Prince of Persia guy or the bad-ass demon dude that has a chain, which you control. There's puzzles mixed into the game here and there but none of them too challenging. It's just like a lower-grade Assassin's Creed but with more variety. Of course, the character animation was a bit messed up and the price is unreasonably high. But the story is basic and the game can be beaten in under a week so it's definitely only a rental.