One word to describe this game, interesting.

User Rating: 8.5 | Prince of Persia: Rival Swords WII
I never played a Prince of Persia game before, but you don't have to be a Prince of Persia fan to enjoy this game. This game is about how the Prince goes back to his homeland from another quest, and he finds his kingdom is ruin, and he is now a fugitive. And the rest of the story is told from there on out. This game is just a Play Station 2 game ported onto the Wii, and they did an alright job. This game is kind of like a Assassins Creed and or Tomb Raider game. This game is one of those games where you go running up walls, jumping of roof tops, and turning into an awesome demon prince thing with a chain wrapped around his arm to do awesome combos with his dagger and chain. This game is a truly an awesome game, but every game has one or more flaws. For instance, the combat in this game is really weird, and even though you get combos through out the game, you're still just randomly swinging the Wii remote and nun chuck. Another thing was that there wasn't that musch music to make you feel like you're into the game.
ALL IN ALL- 8/10 a awesome game but still has some work that needs to be done.