A great adventure dragged down by annoying issues.

User Rating: 6 | Prince of Persia: Rival Swords WII
I have one rule and one rule only when it comes to these amateurish reviews, I must have completed the game before reviewing it. I almost did not bother to finish Prince of Persia Rival Swords. More on that later. First of all, this is obviously Two Thrones with Wii controls, nothing more. The platforming is great actually, classic PoP, complete with death-defying leaps of faith and wall-running. The few puzzles that are here are also good. The fighting, plenty of combos are available, but what it all comes down to, sadly, is waggling the remote and nunchuk like crazy. I dare you, I dare you to pull off 3 successful powerful, stone crushing nunchuk slashes after another, when you get the special sword late in the game, it's a disaster. Flick it slightly backwards and tilt it forwards, I wish it was that easy. The stealth kills, or speed kills available are cool, if only I got them to work properly. When the screen flashes, swing the remote, I swinged, I slashed, I slashed and swung it sideways, all possible ways. Sometimes it would work, most of the time it would not. It didn't matter, I did not move a muscle, the screen would not flash.

And do not get me started on the boss fights, some of which are a real pain in the neck. Why? You have to use the stealth kills. I managed to get past the first boss and the twins after a couple of tries but the Vizier, holy smokes. It's frustrating to the point of insanity. The stealth kills do not work properly, either that or it's way, way, way to difficult to pull them off. Eventually I managed to, sort of get the hang of it, in the last fight of the game. It has to be perfectly timed, down to the second, down to the exact move of the remote. I eventually finished it, followed by a sigh of relief, then another stage after that? But that one's easy. Why is that easy? No stealth kills required.

As you probably can guess I have a real problem with the controls, go to google and look it up, several people have problems getting the stealth kills to work. But apart from that, the platforming works great, some exceptions, those diagonal jumps from those platforms sent me in the direction I did not want to go. Thakfully the rewind time thing is here, otherwise it would be one of the most frustrating games of all time. The graphics are bland, with occasionally impressive large scale environments. The music is okay, I miss the heavy metal soundtrack from Warrior Within though, no Godsmack here unfortunately. Framerate varies between smooth and choppy. The chariot races are fun. The sections where the Prince goes "dark" are good, with a cool chain weapon, too bad there's a time limit, that's right, your health depletes as time goes, you need to get more sand to stay alive. I'm really trashing the game but the platforming, which is the majority of the game is perfectly fine.

Prince of Persia Rival Swords has great platforming, braindead waggle-rific fighting and infuriatingly difficult stealth kills. Look, I'm all for challenging games, but there's a difference between a game being challenging and cheap, and this game blurs that line multiple times. Get the Two Thrones for the GameCube instead.