The game Prince of Persia is not a bad game.

User Rating: 7 | Prince of Persia PC
Prince Of Persia. I heard the name of the game from one of my friends. So I bought it and played the game. And what I found was, the game was quite entertaining one as good as the previous but lacked something in the game. I mean the graphics is better than the before ones. Its good one. To play along with a computer aided co-player(Eliza), it is quite interesting. The soul thinking of the game, the story: is appreciable. Release Arihan for the girl. The fight with Arihan was the most interesting part in the game for me. A grey scale environment. Quite good. The discovery of new spells and to use them is fun. But the game lacked something. There's only adventure and run to heal the fertile ground, just run and run and run. The enemies that come on the way to fertile ground can easily be killed. Just take them to the edge and give some hits, your sword will pierce through it and the creature's all over. Their number is also very less. Just once or twice in a stage. Had they been in a group in different parts like in the previous version, it would be fun. Else the game is a good one. The most liking part of mine in the game is that the prince never dies by falling because every time he falls he is pulled by Eliza by her magical powers.