Whats didnt they do wrong in this one?

User Rating: 3 | Prince of Persia PC
You do not expect a PoP game to be only running around. The combos are fun but you rarely ever finish them because if u reach the edge of the platform you are fighting on you immediately stab and kill the enemy. Seriously the older free form fighting was much better. The effect that they have given where it looks painted on is cool and all but that does not help make the game appealing enough to play. The open world environment gives it a good feel but u have to be able to fight hoards of creatures it just doesnt happen even the bosses are lame and easily beaten. There is only so much running around you can do until you get bored in this game. Also there is no way that you will ever die i mean come on you cant make the guy immortal like that you the old checkpoint based system and reversal of time takes the cake over this any time with the repeating cinematic of hand grabbing and being dropped back onto the platform you fell off.