If you're looking for a great game, or even another "Prince of Persia" game, don't bother with this one.

User Rating: 3 | Prince of Persia PS3
This game is a major disappointment and disgraces the previous games in the series. The new story is cliche and short. The characters and story are completely new. Don't get me wrong: I am not disappointed because of that, it could have worked out well. However the new story and most of the dialogue is cheesy and quite horribly written.

The gameplay is very repetitious. Whether you're scaling forever to get from Point A to a new Point B (which sounds fun but isn't in this game), or "fighting", you will feel as if you've done the same thing over and over again because chances are: you have. It is impossible to lose a fight in any way. Also the combat isn't particularly intuitive or fun. Also you cannot die from falling either as you are automatically brought back up to where you fell. Playing this left me bored quite fast as all I did was go through the repetitive motions. The game is very hollow in that sense.

One thing I will say that is decent about the game is the visual side. The game looks pretty and its as simple as that. The backgrounds, though reused often, are nice to look at. Some bright colors were overused and seemed to burn my eyes at parts, but still it was pretty. Still I wouldn't pay the money just to look at the game.

Previous games have had the spark of a bit of challenge, better combat, better story, and the dagger that lets you rewind time. This game does away with all of that. A major disappointment.