Certainly not perfect but still a beautiful and mostly enjoyable game.

User Rating: 8 | Prince of Persia X360
Seeing as I've never been very good with platformers it's no surprise I've never been a big Prince of Persia fan despite the fascinating settings. Generally platforming equals frustration for me, though Assassin's Creed showed me that a game could be fun if the platforming came naturally enough. This is what I was hoping for in PoP so I took a chance and bought the game based on what I heard from other players.

GAMEPLAY (8.0) - Just as I had hoped the incredible acrobatics in this game were for the most part quite easy to pull off after you get used to the controls, and this did not take long as they were set up quite naturally. Leaps, wall runs and even ceiling runs become second nature very quickly. As you probably know the Princess becomes an integral part of the action as she can enable you to do double leaps in midair as well as preventing you from ever dieing. Some have criticized this but it actually works out great. You never have to repeat huge sections of the game over and over again until you manage to get it right. You can save when you want to as long as you are on a solid ledge. You do have to repeat small segments until you manage to make the jumps but they aren't too tough. She also has the ability to show you the right direction in case you lose your way. Combat is also straight-forward. Each button performs a basic action from a sword attack to a "gauntlet" attack that launches your enemy in the air, and combos can be strung together to perform more damaging attacks. The animation here is fantastic, especially when you string together several combos.

GRAPHICS (9.0) - The first rate graphics and character animation are incredible and have to be seen on an HDTV to be truly appreciated. The comic-book cel-shaded graphics look nothing at all like the Prince games on last gen consoles which might worry some fans but those worries should be put to rest because not only is the acrobatic animation superbly executed, the game as a whole is simply stunning to look at –it's truly a beautiful game.

AUDIO (8.0) - Most of the conversations in this game are actually optional, which is a shame since many people will probably miss out on some excellent voicework. I wasn't sure at first about my protagonist as he came off as the typical overconfident mercenary type but I admit he grew on me and became likable as the story moves on. Sound effects were decent and the soundtrack was terrific, deserving of a CD purchase.

VALUE (8.0) - This game took me somewhere between 10-12 hours. Not much reason to replay except to enjoy the game again or to try to collect all of the scattered light seeds which give achievements with every 100 you collect. The game does offer some bonus costumes after completion, and by registering with Ubisoft i was able to unlock an Altair costume which is a nice touch.

SUMMARY - I won't go into detail concerning the story as it should be experienced for yourself but suffice to say there is an interesting storyline which becomes more intense as your concern for the characters grow over the course of the game. With the relatively short playing time I can't necessarily recommend this to everyone at full price but when the game becomes a bit more affordable I do think this is one that just about everyone should give a try.