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User Rating: 6.5 | Prince of Persia PS3
The original Prince of Persia was about rescuing a princess and you had an hour to do so. The series was given a reboot in 2003, by Ubisoft, called Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. It was praised for its go everywhere style of platforming and it spawned two sequels, popularly referred to as the Sands of Time Trilogy. Now the Prince is back, cell-shading style.

The game follows the Prince, as he's caught in a sandstorm. He stumbles into a canyon and finds a woman named Elika, who's on the run from her dad and his soldiers. Unfortunately, Elika accidently leads her dad into the Temple of Life and he destroys the Tree of Life, releasing Ahriman, who then plagues the land with darkness and now Elika and the Prince must work together to save the land. The plot is nothing special, but it's not a bad plot, just decent. Nothing surprising here, except for the ending which feels like a kick in the balls, after all you've done in the game. There are not a lot of characters either and the character development is mixed, it all depends if you listen to one of the many optional conversations the Prince and Elika have. No matter what though, the Prince is annoying and a jerk... Also for some reason, nothing is mentioned of the Prince being.... well a Prince, and it should be noted that this is a reboot, for some weird reason.


The gameplay is similar to the Sands of Time trilogy, though with a few changes. The Prince now has a claw, so whenever you have to go down, you just hold down the R2 button and he'll stick the claw to the wall while he's going down, kinda reminds of pair of sharp nails, scraping across the chalkboard, just less painful to hear. You also have Elika, who will help you get across a few large gaps and pointing out where you have to go. Then there's the combat, which involves blocking, attacking, the usual stuff, and you can use Elika's magic to help you out. Outside of combat, your goal is to visit the fertile grounds and heal the lands, after which certain parts of the land becomes unlocked and the collecting of light seeds begins. After a certain amount, you can go to the temple, get a new power and move on.

Exploring is fun, but the gameplay brings a lot of complaints forth. The game is simply too easy, the game tells you when to double jump, when to block and so forth. Combat has been drastically reduced, gone is the acrobatic Prince's attacks, replaced by blocking, magic, simple attacks and a very slow moving Prince. The combat quickly becomes annoying. When your low on health, you get thrown into a quick time event, and if you win, you get all of your health restored. There's some small quick time events triggered by the bosses themselves, but their hard to master completely, as they fail, even if you quickly press the right button, at the right time. The camera is really annoying, often showing a bad view of where you need to go and obscuring the controls, so you'll die, a lot. Actually that's a lie, everytime you're even close to dying, Elika comes in and saves you, removing all of the game's challenge. Fall into a hole? Elika saves you. Fail a quick time event? Elika saves you.

Another problem with game is, that it's too repetive. Each of the 4 bosses have to be fought 6 times in total before their killed and each time it's the same stragety. You have to heal 20 fertile grounds and after that you have to backtrack the levels for light seeds, which becomes boring after a while.

The game takes around 8-12 hours to complete, after that there's no replay value whatsoever, unless you love throphies/achievements.


The graphics are beautiful, the character design and movement is impressive and seeing a land getting restored back to normal, is stunning to look at. More impressively is that your able to go to a high place and see what land has been healed and which lands aren't healed, it looks beautiful. The frame rate doesn't take a dip during this, though it did take a bit hit during the ending.


The voice acting is good, even for the Prince dispite him being annoying. The music is good, but it get's repetitive too, after hearing the same theme over and over again.


Prince of Persia's biggest problem is that it suffers from the casual gaming syndrome. The game is too easy (dispite camera and control issues) and the gameplay is very repetitive and becomes boring in the end, dispite the exploring being fun as always. It's a downgrade of the old Prince of Persia games, as such; fans of the Sands of Time Trilogy have to embrace the changes, in order to enjoy this installment. Here's hoping that the sequel (if there is one) will be better and a return to the acrobatic combat, and a bit harder.