Your prince is in another castle.

User Rating: 7 | Prince of Persia PS3
While the game is beautiful it is far too easy and any previous fan of the series will be greatly disappointed. Prince of Persia has a built in fan base of devoted, hardcore followers and the developers have dismissed them in favor of getting a newer, younger and more easily frustrated audience. I own all three of Ubisoft's previous Prince of Persia games and when I played this game I was really stunned about how much they changed the game, in my opinion for the worse. Although I like the idea of only fighting one tough enemy at a time (Bioshock style) I thought that everything else in this game was a step backward, especially the combat or lack there of. This game is an answer to all of the new casual gamers brought in by the Wii.

For any fan of the Prince of Persia games I recommend this as a rent. While the game is good I feel betrayed by the direction that the developers took this game in.