User Rating: 10 | Prince of Persia PC
I'm a persian boy. all of "prince of persia" series is great.
I thanks ubisoft to build these games.
"prince of persia" shows some kind of feeling of iran history to all of the world. I play games from 15 years ago. I'm a software engineer and game designer now. I say you "prince of persia" is the best game series of all the time . great story ,great hero personality
I finished it just in one day. I had nice feeling when finished game and did not feel my time was wasted. god of war series built to break prince of persia . god of war show empty ideas of greek history good. so many god and stupid ideas of greek. god of war is worst game.
those are clever like and feel this game story so much , but those just wanna play a game and just waste their time can't understand game story and don't enjoy it.
you must be clever to enjoy this game.