Graphically, it´s probably the best Prince of Persia you ever played.

User Rating: 8 | Prince of Persia PC
Just finished this quite fresh remake of prince of Persia, although it´s not a remake itself it quite lives to the standard games that the previous games got us used to.

The graphics are absolutely gorgeous, there is some good superior animation here that separates this one from the others, scenery is colorful and full of life (locked and blocked grounds).

Gameplay is flashy and really responsive, it could have had a little bit of more combos in the fight sequences since you now have a partner. this prince is the real monkey compared to the previous ones.

The music and sound effects in the game are excellent but lacks variety... every ground has one specific music reserved but they get repetitive over time. voice acting is reasonable but it could be better.

The story is basically the same... you are a prince and you try to walk your way trough to save the world and get the girl... nothing much, really simple.