Not the best Prince ...but still a very good game.

User Rating: 7 | Prince of Persia X360

I have to admit that unlike so many people who thought that this game was such a disappointment, I for one thought that it was done very well and not just the gameplay (though a bit broken in certain areas), but also the story, atmosphere, score and that good old triumphant rising from beginning to end that you honestly don't get that much in games from the past generation or from this one. If you haven't played this game due to all the negative things you have heard about it, and you didn't know if you would even be interested in owning it for the regular store price, then know this, you can find this game at most used game shops for around three dollars, that's about the normal price range for a used copy. Overall forget what other people say about a game your interested in, just play it yourself and see if you like it, and if you don't feel like paying three dollars then rent it from gamefly or something. All I know is that if you go by what other people have said about Prince Of Persia (2008) then your going to be missing out on a great and unforgettable interactive experience. Do yourself a favor and play this amazing game me you'll be glad you did.