Superb Sequel

User Rating: 10 | Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame PC
Prince Of Persia 2 is a sequel to Prince Of Persia 1 and did not become that much famous as the consoles such as NES had already started ruling and made DOS games OBSOLETE.

But however, this game still stood out in the year 1993 and one of the most popular games of that time.

What's changed?? Well, in prince of persia 1 there was sword fighting, deadly traps and cool portions. You saved the princess in 1 and killed JAFFAR with a normal Sword.

In POP2 both the prince and the princess are married. But since you actually only killed Jaffar, he comes back to life and again captures the princess.

The gameplay is greatly improved by Jordan Mechner. He has used all his imaginations and made deadlier traps and more cooler combat system. The portions are also more.

The enemies are also cooler. The AI is improved. Eg: If you run the enemy wont just stand there, he will run after you. Also there are snakes, the flying carpet, burning lava which are other Magnificent features that really make you feel you are playing the best game ever.

Though the simplicity of POP 1 is lost though. Who knows, maybe JM went to adventurous and made many complicated puzzles throughout the levels.

Overall, it extremely difficult to say which game POP1 or 2 is better. Though POP2 has better graphics and better gameplay. It even has better story and puzzles. But the simplicity is lost a BIT.

Overall, if Prince Of Persia is the no.1 2D PC game of all time, this would follow up very closely somewhere between the 1 and 2 spots.

Overall, Prince Of Persia 2D is the greatest DOC PC game ever.