Lovely game at the time

User Rating: 8.2 | Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame PC
This was a great game when I was younger, even a great game to watch. I would spend hours gazing at the screen as my sister jumped and fought and fell. I would say it is the most memorable game of my childhood.
The was a short introduction at the beginning, then you would jump out of a window, and straight into fighting some guards. It was basic, but great fun, and the graphics weren’t bad for its time.
One slightly annoying thing about it was that you had to have the manual to play, as it had some sort of in-game symbols which corresponded with the manual. I can only imagine this was done to prevent illegal copies of it, but all it did was infuriate us once we had lost the little manual, and we just had to guess which symbols we had to use.

As far as I can remember, like PoP1, it had an in game timer, though it didn’t start immediately. This made it even more tense and addictive, as you had to try to finish it in one sitting.

I would certainly recommend this if you can get a hold of it.