Best point and click adventure in recent times

User Rating: 8.5 | Primordia PC
For better or worse, I booted up Primordia after a play through of the beautiful Night of the Rabbit. Immediately upon booting up the game I double checked the release date for the game coz there was no way a game with a max resolution of 640x480 could be released in 2013. Or so I thought...

Yep guys, Primordia runs in glorious 640x480. Dont get me wrong. Having been gaming since the 1990s, I love some pixelated game as much as any other retro gamer.. but still it is hard moving from Night of the Rabbit over to Primordia.

Thankfully though the resolution of the game leaves a lot to be desired, the visuals have a lot of detail packed into them. From the very first screen, the visuals and sound create an ambience of a stark and desolate future. This coupled with some rather obtuse philosophy, makes the dialogue the highlight of the game.

You play as Horatio an android created by Man. He has a sidekick of in Crespin, who as is explained right in the beginning, has had a "sarcasm" chip installed in him. Crespin's interactions with Horatio made me draw comparisions with Wheatly in Portal 2. However where Wheatly was merely stupid, Crespin and Horatio are surprisingly wise.

And the puzzles, well I can safely say that after coming from Deponia and Night of the Rabbit, the puzzles were refreshing. All the puzzles in the game are logical. Remember those frustrating puzzles with illogical and vague solutions? Well say goodbye to those coz Primordia has none..

I had a lot of fun with Primordia.. More so than Deponia and Night of the Rabbit. Its sad because while the game really sucked me in, I could not stop thinking how the game would have been with the graphics of Deponia behind it. For those who can overlook the graphics, we have a very well put together adventure game with deep philosophical overtones (think Ghost in the Shell) Must play for any fan of the adventure genre.