The best point and click adventure since Full Throttle.

User Rating: 9 | Primordia PC
Primordia is a great adventure game. In fact it is one of the best ever. Primordia doesn't seek refuge in slapstick or goth terror as many modern games of its genre do. It takes itself seriously: Without losing its sense of humor it intends to tell a meaningful tale, one that would make an interesting novel. In that it succeeds, delivering the best story in recent adventure game history.

Dialogues are well written and beautifully acted making the main and secondary characters distinct and memorable. The background lore is administered to the player in carefully measured doses, creating a crave for more information as the fiction develops, so you never find yourself skipping conversations or texts. Think the exact opposite of Elder Scrolls books to get the idea.
The puzzles are based to reason for a change. No crazy combinations here, if you observe carefully and do your listening you will be able to solve them all. A couple of exceptions are so hilarious that you will have to forgive the authors for succumbing to the temptation of including them.
The retro graphical style serves it right, as it avoids to create to the players expectations for photorealistic visuals, allowing the game to compete solely in the fields where its real strengths lie.

So Primordia offers interesting characters, a great story, well made puzzles and is characterized by ambition and personality. Get ready for a ride.