Impressive technically, though not much more than that.

User Rating: 4.5 | Primal Rage SNES
Back at about this time, 2D fighters gained popularity in the arcades and plenty of them simply showed up just to join the rest of them. The biggest ones were easily among the likes of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, though Primal Rage was also a fairly successful game in the arcades. Unfortunately, as could be said for the Rampage series, that doesn't make it good. On the cartridge it makes a pretty clear claim, though I beg to differ.

Technically, this game is a very impressive in some ways, yet disappointing in others. This game could, by the screenshots, be placed just below Donkey Kong Country graphically. The sprites are made to look like they are 3D objects, and do quite well in that manner. The pre-match poses are very impressive, though in combat they are a bit choppier. Not just the animations themselves, though many times one animation will switch abruptly into another, which can go as far as affecting gameplay. In addition, the blood during combat looks awfully fake, though when the animated heart in the loser's corner bursts into a bloody mess, it is a little bit better looking. The backdrops, I'll admit, are very good as well. And as for the sound, it sounds decent, though a little bit muffled at times.

This game has some technical flaws, though its biggest flaw is in its gameplay. Most fighting games you've played have a big, long move list, right? It's a good thing that Primal Rage doesn't have. For this reason, Primal Rage turns into a button-masher where success can be a gamble. That simple fact isn't the only contributing reason to your toss-up wins though. The collision detection is also very messy, and what could be worse than that in a fighting game? You might miss close to them, and you might hit them a fair distance off.

The sum of its parts is a below average game. Primal Rage was released in the arcades, tons of different consoles, and was emulated for Midway Arcade Treasures 2. None of those ever fixed this game's problems, and this is a very passable fighting game. If you want a good fighting game on the Super Nintendo, I recommend that you just go out and get a copy of Mortal Kombat II, my personal SNES fighter-favorite. Otherwise, if you want to play Street Fighter instead, there are also several versions of that on the console. Primal Rage feels like a prototype of what could've been a nice game, though they pushed it out bare and in a very lackluster form.