A short-lived, classic.

User Rating: 8 | Primal Rage PS
The early to mid-90s not only brought us the mascot war between Sega and Nintendo, it also brought us the fighting game craze. After Mortal Kombat lit a fire under the gaming industry with its blood and gore, Atari decided to cash in on the success with their own fighting game, Primal Rage.

A meteor has struck Earth (now known as Urth). Mankind has reverted to its primal stage. Giant Gods in the form of prehistoric animals have risen. Some fight for peace, while others fight for evil.

Creatures include...

Sauron, a yellow T-rex who fights for peace.
Diablo, a red T-rex who fights for evil.
Armadon, an armored dino who fights for peace.
Vertigo, a snake-like monster who fights for evil.
Blizzard, a white ape who fights for peace.
Chaos, a red ape who fights for evil.
Talon, a raptor who fights for peace.

The Playstation version is vastly ported from the arcade. Being so, the final boss, Necrosan (a skulled dragon) is available to fight. The game is also quite difficult.

1995 was the final year for 2D graphics, as 3D was big. Even so, the graphics for Primal Rage are good. The monsters are stop-motion, the arenas are drawn, and the humans are digitized. An ok combination.

Controls in Primal Rage are the game's weakspot. Simple moves are effective, yet choppy and stale. Performing special moves and fatalities are a pain too. This version allows you to pull off specials in the traditional way like Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter, but it's difficult. The better way is to hold down a few buttons and then punch in the direction.

The sound is ambient and gives off the feel that Earth has really gone to the dinosaurs.

Primal Rage is an ultra-rare classic nowadays and will be hard to find. If you're lucky to find it, do not hesitate to buy and try. Shame that Atari never released Primal Rage 2.